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I took a painting class and we were required to paint a Matisse.  I chose my favorite painting by Matisse titled The Joy Of Life.

This is my take on Matisse’s painting, The Joy Of Life.   Matisse’s painting, The Joy Of Life is my all time favorite painting.  I have posted Matisse’s original painting below the one I painted.  Certain parts of the trees I feel are my own, though inspired by Matisse, will be for sale and can be found at my gallery by clicking HERE.  You can also visit my website at www.glowingbird.com.



Matisse by Melinda Firestone-White. The Joy Of Life.

Matisse’s painting, The Joy of Life is located currently at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.  The size of the piece stands 69.5 in X 94.75 in.

Matisse, The Joy Of Life

Matisse, The Joy Of Life