Van Gogh


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My husband’s favorite piece of artwork of all time is Van Gogh, A Starry Night.  So, I painted A Starry Night for him.  My goal in painting this piece was just to give the viewer the feeling of A Starry Night & I feel like the piece I painted does give the same feeling.



Van Gogh by Melinda Firestone-White

Van Gogh by Melinda Firestone-White

Van Gogh’s A Starry Night was difficult to paint because it is so detailed.  If you look close up on Van Gogh’s piece you would see small strokes all over the piece.  My goal was just to create the feeling that A Starry Night gives the viewer and I feel like this piece has the feeling of A Starry Night.  I am proud of this piece and my husband is happy with it!  Van Gogh was a genius and his artwork is so inspiring.  (Not For Sale As A Print)


Colorful Artwork


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Art by Melinda Firestone-White

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